Development of real estate projects
& Project development management

The “Promotion” (or “development”) subsidiary of the Constructa Group handles the creation and development of real estate projects. It also takes on missions of global project management for owners who then delegate the development of their project to Constructa. This can either be for a traditional type of development or a renovation or heavy rehabilitation project.

Constructa Promotion works in partnership with the local government or municipalities, especially when acting in an area of urban redevelopment. The teams of Constructa Promotion develop residential, office and hotel projects. More recently, and in response to the increasing demand for this type of products by the municipalities, it has also developed several “service residences” with success.

Constructa Promotion has acquired a great deal of expertise in the diversification of the residential forms, in the environmentally innovating processes, in the long-term sustainability of the buildings, and in the cost-control issues. Constructa Promotion acts as a “citizen developer”, in particular in the sensitive areas of urban redevelopment, to respond to the needs of first-time buyers. This is done via the Propria brand, in partnership with the Crédit Foncier.

Constructa Promotion as been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions for achievements both in France and in the United States of America.
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   Marc Pietri





   Philippe Bega

     Executive vice president 


700 to 800 sales of residential units forecast 

36 projects under current development representing 2 500 residential units

25 projects under pre-development representing 1700 residential units