Experts in new residential sales and marketing

Constructa Vente masters all forms of sales of new residential real estate, whatever the positioning of the product may be, from entry-level properties, to multi-million luxury residences, to investment properties.

Throughout its 50 years of experience, Constructa Vente has developed personalized services designed to accompany its clients throughout the different phases of their residential marketing.
An array of B2B services is proposed to developers or institutions that are looking to market residential real estate. Rather than defining them as "clients", we like to think of them as partners. These services include feasibility studies, market and competitive surveys; product definition and sales plans analysis workshops.

Constructa Vente can also develop and implement marketing and sales strategies for its partners.
This variety of services allows Constructa Vente’s partners to anticipate and manage the different marketing phases of their projects, with constant monitoring by Constructa Vente to ensure optimal cost and efficiency of each action.
Its methods and proven results have allowed Constructa Vente to become the premier independent new residential sales platform in France.

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   Marc Pietri




Premier independent new residential sales plateform in France

1,200 sales/year on average

100 projects listings/year on average

60,000 units sold over 50 years

60 employees
Areas of Paris, Lyon and the Alps, Provence, the Mediterraneean, and the French Riviera