President's statement

Passion has always been our guide, passion for others and for our profession.


When a company celebrates its 50 years of existence, has it reached its age of reason? I like to think it has!

The story of Constructa for its employees, my family and myself, represents, above all else, a path of life. It has made us grow at the contact of our clients, partners, and all the men and women that the real estate world has enabled us to meet in different countries. These men and women have enriched us with their knowledge, their visions and their dialogs.

We have faced many challenges, adventures, audacious moments, emotions, storms, fears and anxieties. Many times we had to be daring and inventive. With the momentum brought by will and courage, our life path continues, with a passion that remains intact – passion for real estate, for urban planning, for our cities and for people.

Imagining and building for other people means adding value to our societies: human values because real estate transforms the cities so we can live in them together better; collective values because real estate creates places where interpersonal connections are made, heritage value because real estate is also a wealth that we create for transmission.

This is how Constructa knows and loves the world.