Social & Environmental Responsability


Commiting to the sustainable development
of our cities environment

Each Constructa project is conceived with the current and future generations in mind. This unequivocally represents the condition for a sustainable development. Working with others is essential: we systematically work with a logic of partnerships which enables us to reach both the goals of our Group and those of the general interest. As examples, our citizen residential brand of development “Propria” focuses on first-time buyer homes accessible to the largest population possible, and our projects always care for the largest possible creation of local employment. Constructa Urban Systems has signed a convention for the creation of 900 jobs for the construction, management and maintenance of the office high-rise “La Marseillaise” in the City of Marseilles.



Construction Et L'exploitation de la Tour La Marseillaise de Constructa (Signée Jean Nouvel)Committing to our society

Constructa acts concretely and on many fronts by supporting many societal actions:

We host the humanitarian association AMREF (1st Public Health NGO in Africa) in our offices in Paris, finance archeological work on our construction sites, offer support to local entrepreneurship initiatives…

Promoting social exchanges and proximity

In each real estate project, the Group engages in facilitating or developing close relations with the subject lands and their surroundings, their history, and their residents. Our priority is to promote a functional mix to create real living environments where residences, office spaces, retail and services can all be found in the proximity of each other and thrive together. Each of Constructa’s project developed under the Propria brand supports a local humanitarian, artistic, educative or cultural initiative. For example in Nancy, Eastern France, Constructa financed a program to enhance the medical image system of the local children’s hospital.

Ensuring better energetic efficiency

When it comes to the environmental issues, Constructa’s projects are always developed with the long term in mind. Projects always respond to the highest standards in terms of energetic efficiency through a global concept of eco-construction, high-performance equipments and the use of sustainable materials.

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