Groupe Constructa

Asset management & valuation

With Constructa Private Services, the investment real estate market, previously reserved for large institutional funds, opened in 2011 to large private investors: family offices, private banks, and asset managers.

A Leading Player

French leader in the acquisition of real estate and hotel assets, Constructa Private Services offers investors the experience of a multidisciplinary group combined with a complete range of expertise real estate, financial, legal, and tax – to ensure the success of their real estate investment project under the best terms.

Adjustable Engagement

The offer of Constructa Private Services can be modified according to the needs of the investor. The choice: entrust the entire investment process to a dedicated team of professionals or ask for intervention only on tasks corresponding to specific stages in the acquisition process.

Un interlocuteur de référence

Leader français de l’acquisition d’actifs immobiliers et hôteliers, Constructa Private Services leur propose l’expérience d’un groupe pluridisciplinaire associé à une gamme d’expertises complète – immobilière, financière, juridique et fiscale -, afin de leur permettre de réussir leur projet d’investissement immobilier dans les meilleures conditions.

Un mode d’intervention modulable

L’offre de Constructa Private Services peut être modulée en fonction des besoins de l’investisseur. Ce dernier a le choix : confier l’ensemble du processus d’investissement à une équipe de professionnels dédiée ou bien demander à celle-ci d’intervenir seulement sur des missions correspondant à des étapes précises du processus d’acquisition.

Real Estate and Hotel Expertise

Constructa Private Services offers to its investor clients the experience and the assets of a large group – namely, a detailed knowledge of the markets, the players, the legal, tax and technical environments of the sector — and a remuneration structure based on performance and results.

Financial Expertise

With its knowledge of banking and financing models, Constructa Private Services is able to offer its clients the best financing options, completely independently.

Legal and Tax Expertise

Constructa Private Services is also an integrated unit for legal and tax matters, able to propose the right tax optimization strategy based on the objectives of the investor and the nature of the transaction. Other guarantees: the quality of the documentary environment of the portfolio and compliance with all legal and contractual obligations.


  • Family Offices
  • Private banks
  • Asset managers


  • Definition of the investor’s strategy
  • Search and selection of investment portfolios
  • Financial Modeling
  • Piloting the acquisition process
  • Performing the audits necessary for acquisition
  • Negotiation and signing